10 Truths and Myths about Your Oral Health

To have a beautiful and healthy smile, oral hygiene must be taken care of daily. Not only for healthy but also for aesthetic reasons. Pain, disease and infections can lead to degradation and eventual tooth loss. However, there are ways to fight these situations. Curious to know what is really true and what is a myth?

1. Should I take time brushing my teeth?
Truth. Brushing should take at least 2 minutes. Is the minimum to ensure that all areas of the mouth are washed: teeth, gums and tongue.

2. Is it normal to lose teeth as I get older?
Myth. The loss of teeth is not a natural consequence of age. It may be due to trauma, periodontal disease or cavities. However, dental wear is natural resulting from chewing and certain unhealthy habits.

3. Is it important to rinse after washing my teeth?
Truth. To ensure that food residues leave the mouth it’s essential to rinse at the end of each wash. Although you can do it only with water, we advise you to always choose an elixir. This replacement reinforces the fluoride of the toothpaste that remains in contact with your teeth.

4. Should we go to the dentist only when we have a problem?
Myth. In general, you should go to the dentist twice a year, except for patients with high risk for oral diseases. Check-up consultations serve as prevention for other systemic diseases.

5. Does drinking coffee darken your teeth?
Truth. Coffee, carbonated drinks, soft drinks, black tea, red wine and tobacco can cause yellow stains on teeth.

6. Can the elixir replace tooth brushing?
Myth. Brushing and flossing are the most effective methods for oral cleaning. The elixir serves as a complement but doesn’t replace tooth brushing.

7. Is it normal to have cavities?
Truth. Dental caries are an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Due to changes in the dietary pattern of today’s society (processed food), the prevalence of dental caries is high. Cavities in primary (“milk”) teeth should also be treated.

8. Do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?
Myth. These teeth should be removed only when certain problems such as pain and lack of space arise. In addition, they can also be removed if treatment is needed, such as orthodontics.

9. Can excessive brushing be harmful?
Truth. Brushing your teeth too often will damage your oral health. It can wear out the enamel and make you feel gum sensitivity. It’s more important to wash well your teeth than the number of times you wash them.

10. Do I need a lot of toothpaste to wash my teeth?
Myth. The paste you use should be placed on the tip of the brush with the size of a pea (for an adult) or half a grain of rice (for children).

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