Digital Smile Design

Would you like to have the perfect smile? 

It’s now possible to obtain it with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

This specialty transforms teeth that are not aesthetically attractive into a dream smile. Using less invasive methods, eliminating yellowish colorations, correcting abnormal structures, fillings, fractured, crooked, and dense teeth through Digital Smile Design technology.

Digital Smile Design

This technology has revolutionized smiles and the way dental specialists work by offering them tools that ultimately solve complex problems like these!

The digital design of the smile has several criteria that allow us to design a smile according to the facial and dental anatomy of our customers.

One of the real advantages of this method is being able to fit the ideal smile with your face!

This is aimed to patients who want to have a complete treatment, including at least 10 to 12 teeth.

The process

The analysis begins based on factors such as age, health status of the patient, and their expectations and desires for the final dentition.

After the analysis, the doctor introduces an intraoral scanner, taking several 360º photographs of the patient’s teeth. Afterwards the patient will be able to see through photographs and videos his new smile, obtaining a real vision!

The Digital Smile Design criteria are summed up to create a symmetry between the front teeth providing a triangular distance with a natural aspect between the top of the teeth. Assuming correct proportions through the alignment of the smile line and between the pupils and the teeth.

Why go to esteriva?

This type of specialized treatments performed at esteriva in Istanbul offers you a significantly lower range of costs compared to others performed in other countries, always maintaining high quality levels.


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