Are you in Portugal? Schedule an appointment!

Are you in Portugal? Schedule a free appointment with our CEO and Founder Vitor Paulino Fabião!

esteriva is specialized in Hair Transplants, Dental Treatments and Plastic Surgery. Do you want to know more about these treatments?

Hair Transplants are an aesthetic field where Turkey is in the leading position in Europe. This service focuses on complete patient satisfaction. It combines innovative technologies and the latest applications of surgical medicine to help patients stop their hair loss.

In Dental Treatments, we perform all types of services. From whitening, to dental implants, among others. A highly sought treatment is Smile Design which gives you a perfect smile with affordable prices without sacrificing quality! At esteriva, each patient has their own unique needs and personalized treatment.

The area of ​​Plastic Surgery is divided into several interventions. To the most popular as Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Breast Surgery, Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift. To the lesser known as the Arched Legs and the Prominent Ear Aesthetics.

All these interventions are carried out at esteriva, which combines Turkish hospitality and ethical stance with high-tech medical devices and the best medical specialists in each area.


To offer the best to our patient, esteriva joined DermAge Clinic, in Portugal. This partnership creates solutions in treatments, aesthetics and surgeries that will change your life.

In the coming months our CEO, Vitor Paulino Fabião, with a 4-year training in Hair Surgery and a specialist in Hair Transplants will be in Portugal. This visit will last a few days for him to analyze patients who intend to undergo these three variants, and define the possibility for surgery and/or treatment.

Are you interested in getting a treatment?

The diagnosis starts with a consultation at DermAge Clinic, in Lisbon. Then the treatment will take place in Istanbul, at esteriva.

If you are interested in making treatments at competitive prices, you can take advantage of our pack. This pack includes a treatment/surgery, the stay, travel from the airport to the hotel and vice versa and a kit with post-operative products.

How to start the process?

This is the perfect opportunity to make your treatment with the best specialists, at the best prices. To book your free appointment, just register here!

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