Multifocal contact lenses for a new look!

If you need to correct presbyopia, that is, tired sight, multifocal contact lenses are the choice for you. This type of lenses are named after the various focal points that are attributed to a single lens. These lenses help us to correct vision up close, intermediate, as well as from afar through a single lens. Best of all? When you have the implantation of the lenses, you don’t even look at these divisions.

Why do we use multifocal lenses?

If you have ever encountered the following situation, this is the right treatment for you. When you are faced with a specific object, do you try to approach or move away from it to understand it better?

This type of lenses can help fix this problem. Usually, presbyopia arises from the age of 40 or 50. This happens when in plain sight it ceases to be what it was. Of course, as time goes by, organs and functions no longer have the strength and vitality. Therefore, the eyes lose the elasticity of the lens and, consequently, the ability to see nearby objects.

With this natural eyewear, we have other unique and comfortable solutions to help us in daily life. But above all, to improve our quality of life.

How do they work?

These lenses will help to improve near, intermediate, and far vision gradually. You will no longer need to move your head to adjust the view to the object. However, now, the transition from the focus will be natural, which is almost subtle. Thus, this type of lenses has three notable advantages, such as:

  • They improve visual acuity for distances from near to far;
  • the change between graduations is done in an adapted and comfortable way, without causing discomfort;
  • most of the time it allows us to see well, without extra glasses.

If you need more advice on whether to use multifocal contact lenses, don’t hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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