Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction operations are performed in order to reduce the volume of the breast. In this operation we generally take an amount of skin and breast tissue.

Breast reduction operations are surgical interventions performed for large breasts that cause both health and aesthetic concerns. Large breasts cause back pain, postural disorders, fatigue, skin issues under the breast due to sweating, skeletal system deformations and many other health problems. Large breasts also prevent women from wearing what they want due to a non-aesthetic look; this turns into loss of self-confidence and lead women to breast reduction operations. Breast reduction operations are provide comfort for women who complain about their large breasts.

  • People with breasts larger than the reasonable ratio
  • Sagging problem in addition to large breasts
  • People who can’t wear what they want
  • People with skin issues, back, lower back and postural disorders
  • People with large breasts that prevent them from doing their physical activities
  • Wave-like appearance on the back due to bra
  • People who suffer from low self-confidence due to a non-aesthetic look
  • People with orthopedic problems like numbness and postural disorder

All these problems are part of candidates eligible for breast reduction operation. If you have one or more mentioned problems, you can have breast reduction aesthetic with effective and successful results while solving health problems within an aesthetically pleasing look.

Breast reduction operation is performed under general anesthesia. Fat tissues inside the breast and excess skin around the breasts are removed. The enlarged areola is also reduced to a proportional size. Sagging problem, which is one of the major problems for large breasts, is solved by combining the operation with breast lift procedure. Personal techniques are utilized to perform reduction. Although sutures depends on the technique used, generally inverse T shape is preferred and in a size that gradually fades away and don’t cause aesthetic problems for the patient.

After breast reduction aesthetic

As size, symmetry and sagging degree of the breasts are different for each woman, techniques also vary. However, in Estetik International clinics, our priority is to provide the most comfortable recovery period for our patients. Personal breast reduction surgeries are among the applications that we receive the best feedback. Patients arm movements will be restricted for one or two days. Incision scars start to fade away within a few weeks. Immediately after the operation there’s relief, reduced or even completely healed lower back and back pain. An aesthetic and formed breast is achieved.