Eye Lid Surgery

Our eyes are one of the most important body parts. Our eyes move even within a small mimic gesture we make, or if we feel sad or happy, and we use our eyelids millions of times in a day.

In addition to being such a mobile area, it also has the most sensitive texture and is most effectively exposed to sunlight. In addition the eyes, eyelids, foreheads and under eyes also start developing problems related to age.

The eye and the eye area is the area where the person focuses while listening someone. Eye lids is one of the areas we observe the most while looking at mirror during our daily routine. We notice signs of aging in the eye and we feel unhappy because of the intense, sad and sleepy image that develops with age. This situation, caused by the loss of form of the eyelids, changes our vision and tired and unhappy expression reduces the aesthetic appearance of the face. Gender, race and age cause the eye area anatomy to vary.

The structures around the eye vary considerably among people with different genders and races. The size of the eye area also differs between men and women. In women, the eyebrow and eyelid are higher and more arched, and the eyelid line is less obvious when compared with men. In men, the eyebrows are more protruding, and the eyelid line is closer to the eyelid margin. Racially, Asian and Far Eastern people have a completely different eye and eyelid shape. All this information should be used by specialist surgeons in order to create eye and circumference line suitable for your anatomy.

The upper and lower eyelids are formed by deep deformation which loosens due to aging and they sag in the direction of the fat extension. The reason why eyelid aesthetics is so widespread to overcome this problem is the fact that this is removed especially in facial rejuvenation practices, which gives the patient a look of fatigue and eye bags. The “hooded” appearance on the upper eyelids is caused by the stretching of the eyelid skin. The most common complaints for the lower eyelid are swelling or under eye bags. All these problems can be solved within the scope of Blepharoplasty, in other words, eyelid aesthetics. Those who have all these problems can have eyelid aesthetics. In some patients, although age is not the primary problem, these eyelid flaws can occur due to genetic reasons, even though they are still middle-aged and even young. In young or middle-aged patients, eyelid aesthetics can be performed to create a relaxed and vibrant eye surrounding form.

Within the eye area aesthetic, the sagittal upper eyelid that defects the vision of the patient is first interfered with laser technology, and the skin causing the patient’s vision problem is removed. At the same time, a younger and fresher look replaces the tired and sullen expression.

Under eye bags pull the lower eyelid down, which causes problems of sight and an older and unhappy expression. Removal of under eye bags is one of the most difficult and most important operations in the world. As the area is structurally very delicate, any incision made will result in a long recovery period and, in addition, redness and bruising. For this reason, at Estetik International clinics, we utilize laser technology through micro-inlets from the lower eyelid and eyelash to vaporize the existing wens. As a result of this, our patients recover without the problem of redness or bruises.

Another issue related with eye area aesthetics is the ptosis of eyebrows. The eyebrows start to fall caused by the sagging of the eyelids and by the forehead losing shape over time. The ptosis and wrinkle of eyebrows is prevented by hanging the eyebrow without a thread and without any laceration.

We consider eyelid aesthetics as a whole. Possible problems in the eye and its surrounding area should be overcome not only by correcting a point, but also by eliminating all the wear and tear that occurs. It’s possible to have a vivid and fresh look as desired. The most common problems in eye area aesthetics can be summarized as ptosis in eye lids, goose foot, under-eye bags and collapse between cheek and under eye. All these problems can be removed in eye area aesthetics. All of these things are not merely an aesthetic point of view but also beneficial to health. Because of the ptosis due to sagging of eye lid or under-eye bags, the visual angle may deteriorate and this may trigger a secondary health problem such as headache.

After Eye Lid Aesthetics

After the operation, the patient recovers within 3-4 days and starts to look fresher and more confident.