Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant, which is one of the most preferred among plastic surgery and medical aesthetic services, is an aesthetic field where Turkey is in the leading position in Europe. Thus, patients from Europe and the Middle East apply to the hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Hair transplant service focuses on 100% patient satisfaction by combining innovative technologies and the latest surgical medicine applications in order to help patients to stop their hair loss.

Hair transplant service is usually preferred by men. Hair transplant treatment is a solution that meets different needs and expectations. It’s applied in order to implant hair where hair follicles are completely dead, to make hair density higher and to treat the areas where there is ringworm. In the scope of hair transplant surgery, which is a versatile operation and responds to various needs, methods are also used for the expectations and needs of the patient.

Concerns about hair transplant services

There are many questions that patients ask about hair transplant. Among these, hair transplant methods, hair restoration side effects and the things that need to be considered while making the operation. Frequently asked questions of patients planning to have hair transplant are as follows:

Hair transplant is performed by specialist physicians. In the process of hair transplant, our specialist physicians in the field of plastic surgery perform the hair transplant operation considering all the sensitivities of our patients.

There are many factors that patients should pay attention to during hair transplant process. Among these, the patient should be high sensitivity to the area where hair fall treatment is performed. The patient should pay particular attention to the hygiene criteria, since there is a possibility of infection after plastic surgery. In addition, after the operation, you should carry out the washing procedures in accordance with the instructions of your doctor in order to remove the medicines applied to the skin.

Since hair restoration is a medical aesthetic operation, there is a risk of infection in the scalp. Accordingly, patients who undergo surgery should follow the instructions and recommendations of their physician to avoid the risk of hair transplant infection.

One of the most frequently asked questions of the patients is in which city hair transplant will be performed. Hair transplant in Istanbul is very suitable for patients.