Neck Lifting

For the patients who have sagging in the neck area due to gravity and aging process, neck lifting can be beneficial. In the neck lift operation we remove the excess skin and fat tissue in the neck area.

Neck area is among the areas where aging is initially felt. Also, we can observe neck sagging on young persons due to genetic reasons or due gain/loss of weight. Some of the main issues of neck extensions operations are loose, excess fat textures, gravelled muscle structures, turkey neck deformities and distinctive double chin structure.

Forms of Neck Extension

It will be wrong to distinguish the neck aesthetic from the facial aesthetic. Neck is a continuation of the face and the rejuvenation work should be done as a whole. If these problems in the neck region are also present in the face, the combined operation will result in more striking and effective results.

Who Can Get Neck Extension Surgery?
  • Those with wrinkles around the neck, dull balloon image, sagging and loss of form;
  • Those individuals with deformations in neck muscles;
  • Those who have the appearance of turkey neck;
  • Those with sagged salivary gland.