Are you interested in losing weight? Often, sugar and stress are blamed for unwanted weight. Staying hydrated, eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and cutting sugar are essential principles for finding the most suitable weight for you.

However, what’s the best way to lose size? Whether you have a sweet tooth, do not like to walk or run and even if you can’t give up carbohydrates or spend hours without eating, we have suggestions that adapt to all profiles. Consult us for a personal nutrition and exercise plan to lose between 5 and 6 kg in 3 months.

Many people start physical exercise without having a concrete idea of ​​what they want. There are those who train to lose weight, those who train for a specific reason and those who train just because they like to play sports. Each of these situations correspond to different energy and nutrient needs. Therefore, it’s advisable to adapt your diet to be more effective.

We all recognise the importance of food in sports performance and we know that what we eat influences the way we feel when we exercise. Many athletes define food as “invisible training”. Knowing the type of physical effort you will make, it’s easier to understand how you should eat. We are able to help you find the right way before starting this new healthier stage of your life.

Searching the internet for diets or copying what a friend does is wrong and may not work for your body type. You should always seek specialised and personalised support. A qualified and experienced professional who defines an eating plan taking into account aspects such as training, food distribution throughout the day, combination, respective quantity and your own goals. The plans we make will be adapted to your body type and daily activities and not only serve to reduce your size but also to start living a healthier life.

It’s important to set realistic goals, both for your training and your diet. It’s not advised to lose weight too quickly (you may not be losing just fat). Don’t forget that regular and moderate physical exercise, combined with adequate nutrition have beneficial effects on metabolism, such as reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and positive changes in your confidence and self-esteem.