Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Protruding ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is performed to make changes in ear shape, proportion and position. Especially in the early childhood it may cause problems in social life for children.

The problem of Prominent Ear is caused by the curvature of perpendicular ears to the skull with the anatomically different position.This deformity, which affects aesthetically facial beauty, also causes harm on self-confidence due to mockery especially in childhood. Our patients, who suffer from various Prominent Ear problems, complain about not being able to tie their hair as they wish or shape it as they want, and even not being able to use a hat. They can easily remove this deformity with Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread. Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread is an operation with no laceration that can be applied on patients with an external gap at ear lobe as an alternative to classic autoplasty.

Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread can be applied to persons with symmetry problems on their ear, those with gaps in ear lube, those who don’t want to face the possible risks of surgeries and those who don’t wish any general anesthesia and mark of laceration. As the ears complete their development at the age of 6, we recommend children to have Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread by that age to support their psycho-social development. In addition, as Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread is an intervention made to the outer area of ear, no problem will be experienced in relation with hearing.

The gap and the symmetry of the ears are checked in the a Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread examination. Depending on the joint decision of the patient and the surgeon, general or local anesthesia will be decided.

Advantages of Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread

Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread has many advantages. Especially:

  • It’s a technique without surgery and can be applied very easily;
  • It doesn’t contain the possible risks of surgical operations;
  • The operation is completed within 10-15 minutes (we had some patients who had Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread in 9.5 minutes);
  • The recovery process is extremely fast;
  • There is no bleeding as the intervention is on cartilage with micro inputs;
  • There is no laceration since the threads are placed with the help of the needle;
  • Patient can instantly engage in social life.