Fat Transfer to Breast

Fat transfer is a kind of fat injection system that we apply to patients who complain about the filling, resurfacing and size of their breasts.

Especially due to gravity and breastfeeding, breasts may have sagging or loss of tightness or some people may not have the breasts in their desired size. Although most of our female patients think this can be solved with just breast augmentation surgery, actually it’s possible to fill the breasts with fat injection.

Many non-natural, artificial look of silicone-based implants often placed after breast augmentation deter many women from breast aesthetics. In addition, these implants, which are placed in the body, are foreign materials, which is also another concern for women. The application of fat transfer to the area offers an extremely natural and organic solution at this point. Body fat is extracted from any area of fat that is present. After being enriched with the stem cells, it’s injected into the breast area. By this state, patients get rid of regional fat, and they are given a great form for their breasts. However, fat injection may not be appropriate for those who have excessive sagging problems or who want to reach 3-4 cup more size.

  • People without excessive sagging in their breasts
  • People without asymmetry in their breasts
  • People who want to add vitality to their breasts
  • People who seek 1-2 cups increased breast size
  • People who want breast aesthetic without incision scars
  • People who want to get rid of their regional fat in the same operation
  • People who don’t want any foreign materials in their bodies
  • People who want a faster recovery period

Candidates that meet all these criteria are suitable for fat transfer to breasts. This procedure, which does not involve the potential risks of conventional breast augmentation operation, is less stressful for the body, has a very short recovery period and gives the simplest yet the most natural results.

Fat transfer to breast is performed by preparing a stem cell-rich liquid using patient’s own fat from regional deposits and injecting that to the breasts. The fat transferred this way continues to live in the transfer area for a longer time and in a denser composition. Breasts gain 2 cups in size and density. If the sagging is not excessive in the breasts, Spider Web Aesthetic lift or breast lift can also be considered. If surgical breast lift is not going to be performed, all other operations are performed in an incision-free way. Fat injection is performed through micro entries and Spider Web Aesthetic is applied by placing threads under the skin using thin needles.
Fat transfer to the breasts have no side effects. As the procedure is performed in the most natural way by using the fat and stem cell injection prepared from patient’s own body, we obtain the healthiest and most natural results in comparison to other breast augmentation methods. It doesn’t cause any loss sensation in the nipples. It doesn’t block breastfeeding. As the procedure is performed by transferring living cells in a stem cell-rich structure, dissolving problem involved in conventional fat injection is not an issue here. People who receive fat transfer to their breasts maintain their new breast sizes for the rest of their lives.

Advantages of fat transfer to breast
  • This is an incision-free procedure performed through micro entries.
  • Fat to be transferred is extracted from patient’s regional fat deposits, therefore, regional fat problem is also eliminated.
  • Recovery period is significantly short and comfortable.
  • Patients can go to their homes after the procedure.
  • Above all it provides excellent vitality and rejuvenation to the breasts.
  • This technique is the healthiest and most natural looking breast augmentation method.
  • Procedure does not cause loss of sensation in the breast.
  • Doesn’t involve potential risks of surgical breast augmentation surgeries.
After fat transfer to the breast

As there are no incisions in the procedure, there will be only micro point-sized entries on extraction and transfer sites. And this allows a significantly fast and comfortable recovery period for the patient. Although varies depending on the degree of extracted and transferred fat, patients can recover within 1-2 days and get back to their social lives. Fat injection to breast has no down sides like lifespan and depreciation as with prostheses, therefore you can live your life with the injection that used your own fat. In addition, this stem cell-rich transfer fat increases the skin quality of the breast area, provides faster recovery for those micro entry sites and helps the area to renew itself.